Paediatric Dentistry

Paediatric dentistry

Dentistry for Kids

We love treating kids! One of the greatest pleasures is treating multiple generations of local families over the years and seeing kids gain confidence with each dental experience. This helps them to value their dental health and form healthy habits for life that they will in turn pass on to their future generation.

What’s the story about free kids dental treatment?

In recent years, the Australian Government has recognised how important dental care is for children and now subsidises dental treatment for some kids. This program is called the “Child Dental Benefit Schedule.” Eligible children are generally advised by a letter from the Government to let them know they have access to $1000 of dental care in a 2-year period. Unfortunately, not all kids are eligible at this stage, but approximately 50% qualify. We can check when you come for your appointment whether you are eligible or not by simply bringing in your Medicare card.

Paediatric Dentistry

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Some of the common paediatric procedures we perform include:


It is so important to establish healthy habits at a young age and we provide both professional cleaning and brushing lessons to ensure that the kids we treat have the best chance for excellent dental health.

Fissure Seals

Sometimes children have molar teeth that are susceptible to decay due to their deep grooves, weak areas, or difficulty cleaning. To prevent decay in these teeth, it is possible to do a simple procedure that doesn’t involve drilling the tooth, but seals the risky areas so that decay is much less likely.

Flouride Treatment

The days of horrible tasting gel in foam trays is gone! These days we not only use a nice thin varnish, but it also tastes good and has the important extra ingredients of calcium and phosphate included. Most of us have heard that calcium found in milk and cheese is good for our teeth and bones. It is not surprising that scientists have found that when we combine the calcium that builds up our teeth with the fluoride that strengthens the surface, we have a winning combination that is excellent for preventing dental decay and tooth surface damage.

* Please note: We have a transparent fee policy. For further information about fees for our preventative care, see our fee schedule.

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