Dr. Theresa Nevell

Dr. Theresa Nevell

After Theresa graduated from BDS from Sydney University in 1983, she moved to Mudgee and worked in John Nevell’s larger dental practice. In partnership with John Nevell, she purchased Ian Nevell’s Coffs Harbour practice and she and John married. They have two daughters, Helen and Lizzie. 

Theresa’s main philosophy is to allow the time needed to provide the best and kindest treatments she can. She enjoys treating patients of all ages with a wide range of problems but emphasizes the need for prevention of dental disease. One of her greatest pleasures is getting to know and treat each generation within families. 

Theresa has a special interest in jaw joint problems, sleep apnoea and bruxing (grinding). A great interest in treating children led Theresa to post-graduate study of orthodontics. This is an ongoing passion. One of the delights of orthodontics is to treat young children with poorly developed jaws, so that by the time they are teenagers, the need for extraction of permanent teeth is often avoided.

Outside of the clinic Theresa enjoys gardening and the beach.

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Dr. Theresa Nevell

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