General Dentistry

Filling, restoring, or rebuilding teeth are some of the most important services that we offer. We strive to ensure that our modern facilities and experienced team will make your dental visit as smooth, calm and caring as possible. Some of the most common general dentistry procedures we offer are:

  • Fillings
  • Amalgam removal
  • Crowns
  • Tooth replacement


A filling repairs lost or damaged tooth structure. We use white fillings to replicate the natural structure of a tooth. No one likes to hear the news that they need a filling, but if you do need one, rest assured that we will make the experience as comfortable, smooth and hassle-free as possible.

To read more about the process of having a filling, click here.

Amalgam / mercury filling removal

Silver fillings, otherwise known as amalgam or mercury fillings, were commonly used in the past. It is common to see that the tooth has broken adjacent to these old silver fillings due to wear and tear over long periods. When this occurs, we replace amalgam (silver) fillings with white fillings. Other reasons we replace amalgam:

  • The filling has deteriorated (chipped or leaking)
  • Decay is found around the filling
  • Patients specifically request that their amalgam is removed due to mercury or aesthetic concerns

We use the following safety protocols when removing amalgam fillings:

  1. A rubber dam is used to prevent you from swallowing the amalgam chunks
  2. A special bur is used to avoid turning the amalgam into an aerosol
  3. A high volume suction is used during the amalgam removal process
  4. An alternative source of air (oxygen) is available while removing amalgam

To read more detail about our policy and process for amalgam removal, click here.


Once a tooth becomes significantly damaged and keeping it becomes a high priority, a crown is often the most long-lasting, natural-looking option. Three features that make our crowns exceptional are:

1. All of our crowns are made in Australia, using the highest quality dental materials available.

It is risky to embed foreign items into the body without assurance of their quality and contents, so if you’re ever unsure of where your crown comes from, we recommend asking.

2. Crowns in the front of the mouth are constructed by a Master Ceramist Mr Alan Smith.

Alan’s work is known around Australia for its excellent fit, and exceptional characterisation to make the teeth look as healthy and natural as possible. Making a crown truly is a team effort with the dentist and ceramic technician working together towards a great result for our patients.

3. It is important that the technician takes the time to ensure an excellent fit and natural characterisation for your crown. Beware of “same day delivery” crowns “while you wait”. Rushed treatment very rarely leads to excellent results.

If you think you may need a crown, and would like the peace of mind of excellent workmanship, please click here for a consultation.

Please note: we have a transparent fee policy. Our fees are published on our website so that our patients can make a fully informed decision.

Tooth replacement

Missing teeth can impact on our ability to chew and eat comfortably as well as our confidence to smile. It can also impact the surrounding teeth, causing them to move and tip into the space. Some people prefer to have a missing tooth replaced and there are three common options for this:

A Denture, or Plate

A plate (otherwise known as a denture) can click in and out of the mouth. This way of replacing teeth has been around for hundreds of years and can restore chewing function and improve the smile for those patients who don’t mind an appliance that can be removed from the mouth and taken out when sleeping.

There are two main types of plates; a full denture (to restore the upper or lower march if all teeth are missing) or a partial denture (to restore some, or many missing teeth if there are teeth remaining).

Dental Plate


A bridge is possible when there are suitable support teeth on either side of a missing tooth. These teeth beside the space act as the pillars to support a false tooth in the middle. This generally depends on 2-3 crowns being joined together in order to replace the missing tooth.


An implant is a titanium anchor that mimics a tooth root. A crown is placed on the anchor and the implant is not attached to any surrounding teeth, allowing it to function and be cleaned like a natural tooth. For this reason, it is currently the most natural replacement option for a missing tooth.

Please note: we have a transparent fee policy. Our fees are published on our website so that our patients can make a fully informed decision.

If you would like to make an appointment to discuss your dental needs, click here to arrange a consultation with one of our dentists at our Coffs Harbour or Dorrigo locations.

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