Does orthodontics hurt?

Does Orthodontics Hurt?


When patients are considering whether to pursue an orthodontic treatment solution to their concerns, they often want to know how painful orthodontics will be. Some people have heard horror stories about the pain associated with braces, but these days, that really shouldn’t be the case. Most of those stories come from the days of old fashioned braces with thick wires and high forces being used. 


There are a few things that make orthodontics these days more comfortable than ever. 

1) The first is the use of low forces. It is now known that if too much force is applied to a tooth, it may stop moving or slow down, so these days we use very light forces to move teeth incrementally. This is possible through advances in the technology of bracket and wire systems.

2)The use of clear aligners rather than brackets and wires. We particularly lean towards these options where the patient has a history of mouth ulcers or autoimmune conditions which may reduce the pain and infection tolerance of the patient. 

When wearing braces the first few days after the braces go on are generally the most uncomfortable. Some people have no pain at all during this period, whereas others report having to take pain control such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. Generally during any uncomfortable periods, soft food and oral pain control are enough to control the issue. The same is true for aligners. Each time you change to the next aligner, the teeth can feel pressurised for a day or two. Most people wearing aligners do not require any pain relief, but just report a feeling of increased pressure after changing the aligners.

It’s important to know that if you are having a lot of pain associated with your orthodontics, this is not normal. It is a good idea to seek urgent care with your dentist if this is the case, because it is our job to make sure you are as comfortable and supported as possible throughout your course of orthodontic treatment.

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