5 tips for choosing the best dental health insurance

5 Tips for choosing the best dental health insurance

Choosing the best dental health insurance can often feel confusing and overwhelming. When researching different insurance policies it’s important to consider your individual needs. To help you as you choose the best dental health insurance, we’ve developed the short guide below.

5 Tips for choosing the best dental health insurance


Seek independent advice

1. Seek independent advice from an insurance comparison service like the Fair Health Care Alliance. This way you can see if you’re getting the product that is the best fit for your personal circumstances.



Make sure it covers what you really need
2. Make sure it actually covers what you really need. This includes unexpected procedures such as replacing a tooth in a dental emergency or crowning a cracked tooth.



Make sure it's clear and transparent
3. Make sure it is clear and transparent about what it covers and what it does not. There’s nothing worse than being surprised by a bill you thought would be covered under your plan.



Seeing your dentist of choice
4. Make sure it lets you see the dentist of your choice with an equal rebate. Some providers will railroad you towards discount dentists (preferred providers).



Make sure if covers you for the future

5. Make sure it covers you well for the specific things you think you will need in the near future. This might be procedures such as orthodontics or dentures.



Instead of purchasing dental insurance you could
As an alternative to purchasing dental health insurance, you may find that it is better to only keep your hospital cover and get rid of your extras cover. Or you could set up your own savings fund to make sure you have what you need to cover preventative care each year, as well as, unexpected events.


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Disclaimer: this is not intended to be individual insurance advice, you may need to seek out professional advice that is specific to your individual situation.

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