A beautiful, healthy smile

We all know that confidence and peace of mind come with a healthy looking smile. Not all dentists enjoy cosmetic dentistry, but we love creating fantastic smiles that our patients can be proud of.

Some of the common procedures we do to assist people to achieve a beautiful healthy smile include:


We offer both Invisalign (clear orthodontics) and conventional braces (metal or ceramic brackets) and the practice has been treating orthodontic patients for over 30 years. We are always updating our skills to ensure we offer the latest in orthodontic techniques and technology including myofunctional, full-face orthodontics and rapid orthodontics for appropriate cases.

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Orthodontics in our practice ranges from $1800 for simple corrections in young children, to $7500 in complex adult cases. Average fees for teen braces range from $5500-$6500 and payment options are available for all orthodontic treatment. To find out more about what options are appropriate in your situation, we recommend booking a consultation ($65.00) where we can discuss your specific needs.

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Whitening is now a common process that is performed to give a youthful boost to a smile. Over time, teeth can discolour. It’s simple and safe to have your teeth professionally whitened.

Some people prefer a take-home whitening system that works more gradually over time. This takes 2-4 weeks of daily use and the associated fee is $332.

Whitening treatment can be performed in the clinic in approximately 1-hour if you are looking for a quick whitening result. This is associated with a fee of approximately $650.

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Placing a coating over the tooth surface can help to disguise shape and colour problems without extended treatment times; this is called a ‘veneer’. There are two options available for veneering teeth.

  • Resin veneering: this option allows for the veneer (cosmetic filling material) to be applied directly to the tooth using sculpting and colouring techniques to achieve the desired result. This option does not usually require removal of tooth structure and can usually be provided in a single appointment. Composite veneers are associated with a fee of $410 per tooth.
  • Porcelain veneer: this option involves a hard ceramic shell being bonded to the outside of the tooth to disguise its shape or colour. This option is usually associated with some (minimal) tooth preparation, and requires 2-3 appointments to complete. This option is associated with a fee of $1200 per tooth.

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Tip for friends of ED

Complimentary orthodontic, whitening and cosmetic consultations are provided as part of a general examination appointment. It’s a great idea to book for a general dental examination so we can make sure your teeth are healthy, since this is necessary prior to beginning cosmetic care. Requesting an orthodontic or cosmetic opinion at the same time as your general check-up will save you time and money!